organizations to expand their impact through Design.

Hi there,
I’m a UX-Designer, Innovation strategist, entrepreneur and lecturer from Berlin.
I create learning environments, products, services and experiences that empower people and foster social innovation.

From empathy to impactful
digital social innovation.


With qualitative methods such as observation, shadowing, user-interviews and cultural probes, I support you in gaining a deeper understanding of your user group and uncovering needs, insights and opportunity areas.

  • Empathy building
  • Field-Research
  • Development of Personas
  • Definition of Opportunity areas

Innovation Strategy

I support you with defining your product- or service strategy, in setting up co-creation, ideation, prototyping workshops with various stakeholders and with the development and implementation of innovative learning environments that drive 21.century skills.

  • Workshop-Designs
  • Design-Sprints
  • Design Thinking
  • Learning Environment Design

User Experience Design

By bringing together the advantages of latest technologies and social innovation expertise, I create digital products, services, systems and experiences which drive change within society.

  • Interaction-Design
  • Information-Architecture
  • Digital Product Development
  • Agile methodologies

Building up an
Innovation Lab in
the education sector
in Germany.

Education Innovation Lab


self-directed learning
in schools.


Making complex futures more tangible

Future Forsesight toolbox

Building up an Innovation Lab in the education sector in Germany

Education Innovation Lab

Creating an interactive learning environment for children

Gundua's stories

Exploring the potentials of digital learning

Digital Learning Reseach

Redesigning the emergency call

Lifebuddy App

Bringing the sustainable development goals into the classroom

Changemaker Jam

Raising awareness for the voting rights of EU-immigrants

iParticipate Campaign

Redefining self directed learning in schools


Making connected mobility systems tangible

Connected Mobility Touch-Table

Rethinking the radio listening experience on mobile devices

Aupeo Personal Radio

Creating an acceleration program for innovative education initiatives

Social Elevation Days

Inspire innovative learning cultures

Inspiration game

Design for people instead of clients and for change instead of consumption

My work is situated around a questioning of how we can utilize design methodologies and new technologies to create services, products, and experiences which help us driving innovation towards a more sustainable and equitable future. In a decade of professional experience, I worked for innovation agencies in the field of digital innovation, supported several social Start-ups in bringing their ideas to life and co-founded the Education Innovation Lab Berlin to foster new thinking in the education sector.

Currently, I work as an innovation strategist and UX-Consultant for organizations in the field of Social Innovation and systemic change.
I’m also a lecturer for Strategic Design and Social Innovation at the Design Akademie Berlin and the CODE University of Applied Sciences Berlin, and part of the „Transform-Collective“ which releases an annual magazine that sparks conversations about societal change and transformation.

I examine challenges and design solutions through a 2030 Agenda lens, incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into all aspects of my work. If you want to know about more about my approach to design, have a look at the Design principles for the future which I published in early 2019.

Let's create products, tools and
services that empower people and
foster social innovation!